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1. What is YOUSEEME ?

YOUSEEME is an application for a worldwide loyalty program, offered to users free of charge. It allows subscribed users to find points of interest in their vicinity, such as merchants, taxis, hotels, and shops participating in the program, as well as a multitude of other options.
The application comprises an electronic wallet (e-wallet) that accepts transactions in Dollars (or Euros where applicable) and Bartcoins.
Merchants participating in the program can be seen by millions of users in their vicinity or worldwide, benefit from a globally-available loyalty program for customer acquisition or retention, instantly market their activities by inviting customers via phone notifications, SMS, or e-mail, and build a client database by saving client coordinates.
In addition to merchants, taxis who register and join the program can be seen by all app users in the vicinity, and can be contacted directly via their mobile, or via the dispatch network to which the taxi reports. Fare for the ride is sent directly to the taxi’s e-wallet either in Dollars, where he can transfer the sum immediately to his bank account, or in Bartcoins, in which case the taxi can convert the sum to Dollars before transferring the amount to his bank account as well.

2. What is the eWallet, Bartwallet?

The electronic wallet (e-Wallet) is integrated into the YOUSEEME application. It contains two accounts, one in Dollars (or Euros where applicable), and the other in Bartcoins.

You can add funds to your wallet’s Dollar account via your cedit card.
This allows you to pay merchants or taxis by transfering Dollars directly to their YOUSEEME e-Wallet. Merchants and taxis can subsequently make transfers from their e-Wallet’s Dollar account to their bank accounts easily and instantaneously, at no cost.
Merchants and taxis can have an personal e-Wallet. They could also have a merchant e-Wallet connected to their cash register and accounting by registering on the following address:

* To add funds to your e-Wallet’s Dollar account:
1 – Go to “Menu”
2 – “Account” then “Load my wallet”
3 – Enter your PIN (4 digits)
You will be then taken to the secure credit card payment gateway.

Note: Management and security of your e-wallet is handled by our engineering staff and our stringent security measures. Upon request, users can request managing their e-wallet themselves, in which case they assume full responsibility for the same.

2-Bis- To add funds (Dollars) to your e-wallet

To top up your e-Wallet with Dollars
1 ° – Go to “Menu” (3-dot icon in the top left)
2 ° – Go to “Account” then “Load my wallet”
3 ° – Enter your PIN (4 digits)
And you will be redirected to the secure payment gateway page

Enter the amount to deposit in your wallet and then press “send”

3. What is a Bartcoin ?

The Bartcoin is similar in concept to a fidelity point or a reward mile that rewards customer loyalty. Its basic value is fixed: 1 Bartcoin is equal to 1 USD (or 1 Euro in Europe). It is exchanged between merchants and customers through the YOUSEEME electronic Wallet.
Once registered in the program, a merchant can acquire Bartcoins in advance from YOUSEEME, through the website:

Users receive Bartcoins by purchasing from member merchants, and can pay the same or different member merchants using accumulated Bartcoins as well.
Bartcoins are consequently accepted by millions of registered merchants worldwide, and Bartcoins gained by users from buying from one merchant can be spent at another member merchant: A store, hotel, taxi, travel agency, service provider, and others.

Bartcoins can be easily and freely exchanged amongst friends.

The user can convert his Bartcoins into Dollars as soon as he has a total of 95 Bartcoins in his e-Wallet. The equivalet amount in Dollars will be added directly to his e-Wallet’s Dollar account, after deducting the conversion fees.
Once the user accumulates more than 125 Bartcoins, he can transform them into gold coins (see: Exchanging Bartcoins for Gold)

Good to Know:
a) The Bartcoin is safe and has a stable value. It is indexed at 70% on the precious metals of its hedge, 30% on the average value of the four purchasing currencies, and slightly on the supply and demand of its issue.

b) Win Bartcoins as soon as you register:
During registration, the user can unlock 4 statuses. If you register and fulfill the requirements for a BRONZE status, you will receive 0.5 Bartcoins in your Bartwallet. If you register with a SILVER status, you receive 1 Bartcoin. Gold status nets 1.5 Bartcoins, and you receive 2 Bartcoins for the Platinum status.

4. How do I benefit from the YOUSEEME loyalty card ?

With the YOUSEEME loyalty card, you can get a 2.5 % to 20% rebate on your purchases from participating (member) merchants. You can also benefit from a 0.5% rebate on purchases made with non-member merchants, for transactions between $15 and $250. (See list of eligible merchants).
Are not eligible: Supermarkets, Gaz Stations,Medications, Tobacco, and all merchant not mentioned in the Aplication catégories

To benefit from this rebate with non-member merchants, all you need to do is to take a picture of your receipt:
1. Go to the “map & search” screen of the application
2. Click on the QRcode icon at the bottom right
3. Click on the QR-Code icon and choose “Take a picture”
4. Click on “send” to send the picture.

The photo must be clear and legible, and should show the invoice in its entirety. The merchant’s signature and the total amount of the bill must be clearly visible.
After verification by our system, your e-Wallet will be credited with 0.5% of the amount of your purchase in Bartcoins.
Merchants who subscribe to the loyalty program offer a rebate ranging between 2.5 to 20%, depending on their profile.
By using the application, the user can check the profile of member merchants, and their respective rebate offerings. This will be clearly indicated by the merchant’s profile in the application.

5. Merchants: Why should I become a member, and how ?

A merchant who joins the YOUSEEME loyalty program will be visible to millions of potential clients using the application, whether in the vicinity of the merchant or worldwide. He can publish a photo of his showcase, a catalog of his products, prices and promotions, while indicating the rebate percentage he’s offering to YOUSEEME users in Dollars or in Bartcoins.

To give customers a rebate in Bartcoins, the merchant can buy Bartcoins on the following site:
Merchants can also convert Bartcoins to Dollars at any time.

The customers can geo-locate the merchant, call for directions and inquiries, as well as to book. Users will also be able to order via the app, pay online with the integrated e-wallet, and receive the merchandise via delivery or by picking it up themselves from the merchant store.

Merchants can send YOUSEEME users phone or SMS notifications for marketing purposes, such as happy-hours, flash discounts, real-time marketing stunts, or upcoming events.

Data related to customers who have performed at least one order from any merchant will be available to that merchant for his marketing activities.

To register go to
You can immediately be listed in the application, becoming visible to millions of users.

6. Secure payment (Via YOUSEEME’s Electronic Wallet)

You can use the e-Wallet to pay merchants and taxis in Dollars, or to make payments or transfers to another individuals (using the YOUSEEME application).

1 – You can transfer Dollars to the e-Wallet of another user. To do so, simply go to the “transfer” screen, enter the amount you wish to transfer, and the mobile number that the recipient has associated with his e-Wallet, in order to have a successful transfer.
2 – You can also transfer Bartcoins using your e-Wallet, either to settle a purchase with a merchant who accepts Bartcoins, or to a friend to help him reach the 95 Bartcoins threshold quickly, for instance.
3 – In order to settle a purchase from a merchant equipped with a cash register that can generate QR codes, simply scan the QR-Code that appears on the merchant’s invoice.

* Merchants and taxis who register at , can create a merchant account and obtain a merchant e-Wallet.
The transfer of Dollars from their e-Wallets to their bank accounts in SEPA mode does not incur any fees.
** Merchants and taxis that accept Bartcoins can immediately turn Bartcoins into Dollars.

The electronic wallet is valid in 27 European countries, in the United States, as well as in the Middle East and Asia.

7. Convert Bartcoins to Dollars, Euros or… Gold ?

* Convert your Bartcoins to Dollars

As soon as you accumulate 95 Bartcoins in your e-Wallet, you have the possibility of exchanging them for Dollars.

This is done in 4 easy steps:
1 ° – While in the YOUSEEME application, open the menu
2 ° – Go to Account -> Transfer -> Transfer in Bartcoins
3 ° – Enter the following number: +33 0674118520
4 ° – Validate and send.
After verification by the system, you will receive in your e-Wallet the equivalent amount in Dollars.
* Convert your Bartcoins to Gold
You can redeem your Bartcoins (BC) as gold coins, according to the following tariff:
– 125 BCs for 10 Gold Francs
– 245 BCs for 20 Gold Francs
– 300 BCs for a Gold George V Sovereign

This is also done in 4 easy steps:
While in the YOUSEEME application, open the menu
2 ° – Go to Account -> Transfer -> Transfer in Bartcoins
3 ° – Enter the following number: 0637177155
4 ° – Validate and send.

After verification, you will receive an anonymous package with acknowledgement of receipt by mail, to guarantee the security of your purchase.

8. The expense program NDF for France or UK (United Kingdom) etc

The YOUSEEME loyalty program indicates on the merchant’s data sheet whether he is a member of the NDF-FR program, should your company be also a member of this program. When you make purchases or settle expenses with NDF-FR merchants, your sales receipt or invoice will be automatically forwarded to your accountant’s office for the management of your expense reports.

Good to know: Smart Contracts
The Bartwallet allows to block a sum of money in the case of a transaction between two parties where the payment is conditional upon the validated delivery by a carrier referenced in our application, or by a contract that you can select on

9. What is the Credit Wallet?

The Creditwallet is connected to the Bartwallet and the YOUSEEME e-Wallet for any purchase over 250 $ in value. Should you not be able to make such a purchase using the Bartwallet, you activate the CreditWallet option, so you can apply for credit over a period of 4, 8, 12, or 24 months, and with amounts ranging from 250 $ to 9000 $. Your profile and expense history will be sent to CreditWallet’s partners, and you will receive the offers in return, from licensed credit companies or via crowdfunding.

10. What happens to my personal data when I register on the YOUSEEME application ?

See section “Data protection”
( )

11. Merchant Registration Promotion

A merchant subscription for YOUSEEME ís currently offereed at a rate of 180 Dollars per year, for any type of business.
As soon as you register as a merchant, you will receive 50 Bartcoins on your e-Wallet so that you can begin to reward your customers for their loyalty.

12. Become an Agent – Recruit Merchants

Each user can recruit merchants and earn money, by doing th following:
1- Download the YOUSEEME application
2- Under the “contact us” section: Submit an application to open an agent account
3- Wait for a reply from YOUSEEME informing you of the name of the agent that will be assigned to you
4- When the merchant you have recruited registers on the page:
they will have to choose the name of agent that has been assigned to you, so that you become eligbile for 30 Dollars* that will be sent to your e-Wallet upon registration of the merchant and after validation.

* Attention: Registration must be complete, with a payment made by credit card by the merchant on the site, for an amount of 180 or 240 Dollars.