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Earn 0.5% off all purchases

The first merchants who have joined the YOUSEEME program offer rebates for 5 to 20% rebates of the total value of purchase, especially in bars, restaurants, ready-to-wear stores, and hotels.
If the merchant is not yet a member, you can recommend him or her to join. The process takes a few minutes, they just need to head to (read FAQ Becoming an Agent). He will be able to buy Bartcoins instantly and offer them to you.
Alternatively you can always take a photo of the receipt, send it to us to receive the 0.5% YOUSEEME rebate (See FAQ section).
The photo must be legible and clear, the invoice must be photographed in its entirety (the logo of the merchant and the total amount must be clearly visible).
After verification by our services, your e-Wallet will be credited with 0.5% of the amount of your purchase, in the form of Bartcoins.


The success of YOUSEEME is assured

Millions of young people around the world have already adopted the YOUSEEME application and thousands of establishments have joined the program becoming merchant members.
The concept of having Bartcoins replacing traditional reward points, and the fact that it is cashable everywhere has attracted a multitude of users who were discouraged by the many fidelity programs from which they rarely benefited.

What do you get after registering as a user or a merchant ?
The application contains its own electronic wallet in Dollars and Bartcoins


Merchant: Become m-mobile?

A merchant who joins the YOUSEEME loyalty program will be visible to millions of potential clients using the application, whether in the vicinity of the merchant or worldwide. He can publish a photo of his showcase, a catalog of his products, prices and promotions, while indicating the rebate percentage he’s offering to YOUSEEME users in €uros or in Bartcoins.
He can post his products, their photos, and their prices. The customer will only have to choose the quantity he wishes to purchase of every item, and the app will display the total value of the purchase. The customer then pays the merchant directly using his e-Wallet. The merchant will receive the order and the payment in his e-Wallet.

To fulfill his order, the customer will decide whether to receive the products at his home address or to pick them up himself at a date and time he finds convenient.

To register, Go to the site
Register now and benefit from a sum of 50 Bartcoins discount on the price of your registration.

200 Bartcoins

We’re past 10 Million Dollars & 170 Gold Bullions

The merchants exceeded the ten million Dollars mark of Bartcoins purchased. Half of that has already been used to acquire 170 gold coins and bullions, and our numbers are still growing. The Bartcoin is a unique loyalty point that customers can transform into currency or gold.
(See section Bartcoin in FAQ)


Should I feel confident in saving ?

YOUSEEME is an electronic wallet that contains a currency covered in gold is by itself an assurance of not losing to the exchange rates. It’s as good as having gold at the bank. Alternatively, you can exchange Bartcoins into gold coins and request delivery to your address, or pick them up yourself from our points of presence

icone QRCode

Secure and free payment using your mobile

You can use the e-Wallet to pay merchants and taxis in Dollars, or to make payments or transfers to another individuals (using the YOUSEEME application)
1 ° – Payment in €uros can be made from one user’s e-Wallet to another’s. Simply go to the page “Account” then “transfer” screen, enter the desired amount and the associated mobile number of the beneficiary with his e-wallet, so that he may receive the sum.
2 ° – You can also transfer Bartcoins using your e-Wallet, either to settle a purchase with a merchant who accepts Bartcoin, or to a friend, to help him reach the 95 Bartcoins threshold quickly, for instance.
3 ° – in order to pay a receipt with a QR-CODE, simply scan the QR-CODE that appears on the merchant’s invoice.

* Merchants and taxis who register at can create a merchant account and obtain a merchant e-Wallet.
The transfer of €uros from their e-Wallets to their bank account in SEPA mode does not incur any fees.
** Merchants and taxis that accept Bartcoins can immediately turn Bartcoins into Dollars.


Convert Bartcoins to Dollars

As soon as you accumulate 95 Bartcoins in your e-Wallet, you have the possibility of exchanging them to Dollars.

This is done in 4 easy steps:
1 ° – While in the Youseeme application, open the menu
2 ° – Go to Account -> Transfer -> Transfer in Bartcoins
3 ° – Enter the following number: +33674118520
4 ° – Validate and send.
After verification by the system, you will receive in your e-Wallet the equivalent amount in Dollars.


-Exchange Bartcoins for Gold Coins

You can redeem your Bartcoins (BC) as gold coins, according to the following tariff:
– 125 BCs for 10 Gold Francs
– 245 BCs for 20 Gold Francs
– 300 BCs for a Gold George V Sovereign

This is also done in 4 easy steps:
While in the YOUSEEME application, open the menu
2 ° – Go to Account -> Transfer -> Transfer in Bartcoins
3 ° – Enter the following number: +33674118520
4 ° – Validate and send.
After verification, you will receive an anonymous package with acknowledgement of receipt by mail, to guarantee the security of your purchase.


If you do not have the ability to scan a QR code

It is possible that a certain merchant is listed in the YOUSEEME directory, but does not have, at the time of purchase, the equipment necessary to generate a QR Code for you to scan.

In that case, you can settle your purchase using conventional payment methods (cash, bank cards, etc.), then take advantage of the 0.5% rebate of your purchase in Bartcoins. All you need to do is to take a picture of your receipt (clearly legible) using the app.


To add funds (Dollars) to your e-Wallet

To top up your e-Wallet with Dollars, do the following:
1 ° – Go to “Menu” (3-dot icon in the top left)
2 ° – Go to “Account” then “Load my wallet”
3 ° – Enter your PIN (4 digits)
And you will be redirected to the secure payment gateway page

Enter the amount to deposit in your e-Wallet and then press: send



More than 2000 taxis currently accept payment by YOUSEEME electronic wallet in €uros.
– This payment method replaces the payment by credit card with Taxis that are not equipped with a credit card terminal.
– Simply make sure your e-Wallet has a sufficient amount in Dollar, and pay the driver the required fare for the ride.
– The Taxi receives the sum directly on his e-Wallet, and he can instantly transfer the amount to his bank account, without incurring any charges


Becoming a YOUSEEME Agent

Each user can recruit merchants and earn money, by doing th following:
1- Download the YOUSEEME application
2- Under the “contact us” section: Submit an application to open an agent account
3- Wait for a reply from Youseeme informing you of the name of the agent that will be assigned to you
4- When the merchant you have recruited registers on the page: they will have to choose the name of agent that has been assigned to you, so that you become eligbile for 30 Dollars* that will be sent to your e-Wallet upon registration of the merchant and after validation.
* Warning: Registration of the merchant must be complete, with a payment made by credit card on the Yousseme site, for an amount of 180 or 240 Dollars, to ve eligible for remuneration.